The DYNA-Strap WORKOUT is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. 



• Portable – Exercise Anywhere!
• Step by Step instructions
• See and Feel results in half the time
• Complete Resistance and Cardio workout in 30 minutes or less!


The DYNA-Strap™ System uses Dynamic Resistance, a unique method of movement, to convert your body into an incredible fitness machine.

DYNA-Strap™ System teaches a unique method of movement using “Dynamic Resistance” to convert your body into its own, incredible, fitness machine!  There are no more excuses for not getting stronger, slimming down, shaping up and improving your overall well being.  The DYNA-Strap™ System truly is; “A World of Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand!”

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Description SKU # Price
DYNA-Strap Complete System DYNADVD $29.95
DYNA-Strap (available in 3 colors) DYNASTRP $19.95
DVD DVD $10.95
Extension Strap Set of 2 EXT $9.95

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Please Note:  If you suffer or think you may suffer from any medical condition, you should consult your doctor before starting the DYNA-Strap program or any other exercise regime.  Any exercise program should be started slowly.  If you experience any inordinate discomfort, pain or dysfunction, discontinue program and consult your doctor immediately.

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